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18 February, 2004

Wrapped In the Folds of Your Attention

taking and giving

heat causing fires

needs that must be quenched

one need...one desire...one beat...one breath

There will be signposts of indication
semaphore ghost signs and warnings
hailstone halos and country-blues wailings.
There will be strains that break out of straight time
but paid with grace, taking roads to the same place
with consequence to repay what's been given.
There will be layers of means to an end
drawn-out days before resolution
dregs will rain down from all directions.
There will be right, there will be wrong.

The papers for the lawyer and the court are ready and waiting to be mailed. My taxes have been sent to the accountant already. E-mails of recognition from potential employers have been received. No worthy phone calls - only automated voices assaulting my ear with "This is not a solicitation." A link from a reader whose dopamine-addled brain ponders a point of departure. The article is about love. Love. Amo - amare - amari

18 February 2004, 8:53A.M. - Toad Hill Coffeehouse
I sure wish these peole would leave. I wanna have a word with JimmyD before I bust outta Dodge. Christ! Now someone else is walking in. Well, well, well. What have we here? Brunette. Mid-30s. Long, straight hair. Ye gods! I'd love to run my hands through that mane! That properly-angled face. Glasses. She is so fucking gorgeous! Shit! Now she's turned to look at the coffee menu.

Glance back down at the paper and figure out when you can see Waiting for Godot

OK. She's back in line. Too bad she's got this big, poofy winter coat on. It's red. Blood-red. Looks good on her.

Pulchra enim sunt ubera quae paululum supereminent

Wait. Now she's gone and grabbed a section of today's paper and has her nose buried in it.

"Mocha with skim mild. To go?"

Who the fuck drinks skim milk in this state?

"Do you want whipped cream on that?" "Yeah."

Jesus H. Christ. No fat in the drink, just on top of it. What is wrong with people? Ooh! I can see her tilting her head up from the corner of my eye!

Look at her you idiot!

Done and done. Smile. She has such a pretty smile. One of those I could just fall into. She glances at the paper in my hand - the theater listings. I glance at her hand - wedding ring.
|| Palmer, 11:14 AM


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