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19 March, 2004


While I had a hard time sleeping last night, I feel pretty good today. It got pretty warm today so I've got a window open. The weather for northern Louisiana looks pretty nice - 80s for the next day or 2 and then highs in the 60s/70s early next week with no precipitation in the forecast. It'll be odd to be able to enjoy such nice weather.

I did my usual routine down at Toad Hill this morning. When I finally told The Caffeintrix of my father's death, her mouth dropped and her eyes widened in shock. I think she took it harder than I did! She and I did our usual - coffee, chatted, and did the crossword puzzle. I joking remarked to her that, if I got a large life insurance benefit, that I'd buy a 50.1% share of Toad Hill. Can you imagine me co-owning a coffeehouse? I'd be drinking all the profits up in mocha breves! Seriously though, I'd love to be able to do something for her considering all of the free coffee, chat, smiles, and the wonderful friendship she's given me the past year. When I had to leave, she told me to wait as she was steaming some milk. When the latte was done, she came around and put her arms around me, her head on my shoulder giving me a hug. I wasn't prepared so I turned round and put my arms around her and we gave each other a nice, big hug.

A Genesis fan by the name of Meek has started a radio show which he does every Friday afternoon/evening. It's all Genesis and related stuff. He plays some official stuff but I think most of it comes from his extensive bootleg collection. Right now, he's webcasting a live version of "Watcher of the Skies" which is probably from 1973 and I think it's the February gig at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK. Please don't ask how I know this...I think I'm going to email in a request. Ooh! Now he's playing "Squonk" from a 1977 gig which I don't recognize off the top of my head. OK, my request is going to be "Home By the Sea" from Globenannexet, Stockholm, Sweden - 3 April 1998. Oh great. Now he's playing "No Son of Mine" - d'oh!

I keep wondering what I'm going to find at my dad's house. There's this vision in my head of finding his digital camera (which he barely got to use as he had it for only a month or 2) and seeing the picture he told me of featuring him sans teeth. Instead of a toothy grin, he'll have a gummy one. I keep hearing his voice from our phone call yesterday. That humble, meek voice - that makes me tear up the most.

Pete took me out to lunch this afternoon. We sat there joking about my old man. We tried to figure out which circle of Hades he's at. Then Pete said that he'd called his dad last night. You see, I know Pete's family pretty well so I guess he wanted to tell them and, perhaps, just talk to his dad.

I picked up a copy of the new Onion today. Has anyone seen it? The picture of Donald Rumsfeld in that Ming the Merciless outfit is hilarious!

Jeepers! Meek just came on and apologized for not speaking much. He too lost a family member this week. It's not been a good one for Genesis geeks.
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