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29 March, 2004

A Letter From Jeffrey

Hi P,

How are you?

Are you going to be in Lousiana for awhile yet??

How far from New Orleans are you??

I went to the gogo bars this weekend and met a pretty girl that I am obsessing over. Then I met a girl at the hostel that was very opinionated and thought that girls enjoyed porno as much as men and would be just as promiscuous if given the chance. She also said that Hostels are notorious fuck dens.

I asked her to stay overnight with me and she said I was being too forward!! Explain this to me!!

Hurry back. With no moral compass in the vicinity i find myself in a moral wilderness.


Things are going to pieces while I'm down here. I'm neglected my duties as Jeffrey's moral compass. Home beckons.

Theoretically, the movers will be here soonish. So, if that goes well, it all boils down to me getting the death certificates. After Friday's fuck-up, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't ready til Friday.
|| Palmer, 1:26 PM


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