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30 March, 2004

Metal Morning

I am impressed with the new line-up of Metallica. Robert Trujillo is a worthy addition on bass. I have listened to some Infectious Grooves before and he was in a video for that acoustic/bluegrass band. (The video is pretty amusing in that the band walks into a music store, picks up some instruments and starts playing. So you got these totally white bread-looking people on mandolin, fiddle, and guitar while Trujillo is Native American, I think, and decked out with tattoos everywhere playing the upright bass. The song is really good but I don't know if he actually plays on the album or not.) Anyway, the contrast of their voices and singing styles really adds some energy to their performances. His demonic laughter is really creepy on "Sad But True". And "Creeping Death" here is just great! Ride the Lightning is my favorite album of theirs but I've been wanting to hear a couple songs from ...And Justice For All. Heavy metal just sounds so good now. I was never a huge metal fan but lived with a guy for a while who was so I enjoy a smattering of it. Metllica, some Megadeth, Sepultura, et al. (Did you know that Les Claypool of Primus auditioned for Metallica after original bassist Cliff Burton died?)
|| Palmer, 7:18 AM


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