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05 August, 2004

Day Off

I've decided to forego work today. I suppose I could have gone in but I have a job interview this morning and want to try to sneak a haircut in before it.

I had a phone interview yesterday while I was at work and the guy called my house asking to schedule a live one about 2 hours later. Apparently I made a good impression. I didn't think it went that well but, then again, I'm a horrible judge of such things. While the position isn't a dream job, by any means, it isn't a contractor position so I'd be a real employee with, theoretically, real benefits. And it's very close to home so my drive would be slashed 66%. I'd like to get health insurance again and, if I luck out, they'll have some kind of tuition reimbursement plan.

Today is Pete's birthday so my other 2 invites will just have to wait.
Holy biscuits! These tennis chickies are hot! I am really frisky right now. Woke up with morning wood and sex has been on my mind ever since. I think I'll do the interview, run an errand and then go ogle womyn somewhere.
|| Palmer, 10:24 AM


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