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26 May, 2005

A Couple "Hiddens" May See the Light of Day

A couple Genesis-related items of note for dorky folks like myself. A 7-CD set of Phil Collins tour rehearsals from 1990 and a 2-CD set featuring Genesis working on the We Can't Dance album look like they'll be given wider circulation soon. The PC release is fairly common as a 4-CD set while anything from the WCD outtakes have yet to gain wide circulation. Here's the tracklist of the latter:

Disc 1
No son of mine #1 (PC vocals only)
No son of mine #2 (TB very high on the mix)
No son of mine #3 (alternate mix)
No son of mine #4 (slighty different mix)
Jesus he knows me #1 (PC Vocals only)
Jesus he knows me #2 (alternate mix, more TB keys)
Jesus he knows me #3 (roughly instrumental)
I can't dance #1 (PC vocals)
I can't dance #2 (TB percu sounds+piano only + PC real drums)
I can't dance #3 (roughly instrumental)
Tell me why #1 (TB very high on the mix, drums very low)
Tell me why #2 (PC vocals)
Tell me why #3 (PC vocals)
Tell me why #4 (PC vocals)

Disc 2
Living forever #1 (full mix instrumental, shorter than album version)
Living forever #2 (PC B/Vs + guitars & some TB)
Living forever #3 (instrumental section - PC drums very clear)
Hold on my heart #1
Hearts on fire #1
Hearts on fire #2
Way of the world #1 (full mix instrumental, slightly shorter album version)
Way of the world #2 (partial mix)
On the shoreline #1 (instrumental verse)
On the shoreline #2 (instrumental chorus)
On the shoreline #3 (instrumental verse)
Driving the last spike #1 (cleaner PC drums)
Since I lost you (faster edit, considered for single release)
Fading lights (edited)

A "hidden" recording is one that is in the possession of the members of a small clique of Genesis collectors. They tend to be recordings given to these folks by friends and associates of the band and, on occasion, band memebers themselves. The members of this clique tend to keep certain recordings amongst themselves so as to preserve the rarity of them. And rare recordings can be traded for other rare recordings from others in this small group.
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