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17 September, 2005

The Little Things

I woke up in the antelucan hours on the couch. I went to my room to try to get some more sleep but failed miserably. And so I got up and started canning. Six quarts of tomatoes sit in their water bath as I type. There's some music playing low as Becca and Stevie are still slumbering. A bit of Genesis to welcome the dawn. I think "Mama" is one of their best songs from the 80s, perhaps one of their career. I passed on going out and getting drunk last night with Pete and Lush - just wasn't up for a tavern. Caught most of Alexander before falling asleep. Today I shall get some stuff done around the house. This evening The Dulcinea and I are off to Milwaukee to catch the symphony. I'm really looking forward to hearing Pictures at an Exhibition. I suppose I'll also have to do some shopping. Since my cubebs are here, those pumpes (medieval meatballs) will be made tomorrow. I need almonds and cheesecloth to make almond milk. Looking around I see CDs that need to be put away, DVDs that need to be watched and returned, papers that should be filed, and bills that require payment. Just all the little things in life that need to be tended to.
|| Palmer, 7:25 AM


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