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21 April, 2006

Another Weekend Beckons

Ah, another weekend hath arrived. What to do?

Meat. The 2006 Convention of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors started today and continues through Sunday. A couple friends of mine, Ed and Pete, will be judges. Ed turns his palate towards whole muscle jerky while Pete gets to stick a lot of wieners in his mouth, natural casing wieners, that is. I plan to be there tomorrow morning and have Ed sneak me into the judging area so I can witness the carnage first-hand. At 10:30 is an activity for kids – sausage sculpting. Now, if you read that and thought that it just sounded preternaturally wrong, well, I'm with ya. And that's why I plan to investigate this rather odd-sounding activity and document it.

After gobbling up as many samples as I can, I head back downtown to catch Karen Armstrong's lecture at First United Methodist Church. We'll see what she has to say about Mr. G. Oddie & Son. Saturday night I hope to see the sparkling new print of Bertolucci's The Conformist courtesy of Cinematheque.

Although I'll prolly be grilling out on Sunday, you may want to check out the grand opening bash for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Looking over their webpage I see that Friday nights in June will be ROOFTOP CINEMA: Avant-Garde Films Under the Stars where you can sit on the roof and watch short films by independent filmmakers.

If you'll be near Milwaukee this weekend, note that Wim Wenders' new film, Don't Come Knocking is now playing at the Downer Theater.
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Ha! I just did my weekend post, but I neglected to mention sausage sculpting!

The D
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