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19 July, 2006

Scenes From the Lakes

A couple weeks ago I headed out on the lakes. Andy was already out on our pontoon boat with a couple friends and he picked Stevie and I up at the Tenney locks. They had been worked on but the only difference I could tell was that they were now brick red instead of sky blue.

As we waited to enter, I noticed a limp duck. One of its feet was mangled and it hobbled on the dock.

Once through the locks, we headed towards Lake Monona. Minutes away and a mile up a river that snaked through the isthmus like a main circuit cable plugged straight into Christy's Landing.

Along the way, I got to see the new additions to the Johnson Street bridge, including the street art graffiti.

What would boating be without beer? And so I brought with me a cache of my homebrew which was mighty refreshing in the baking sun.

Out on Monona, we kicked it into high gear. Well, as a high a gear as a 50HP engine can move a 24' pontoon boat. There was a hint of spray and some big, poofy clouds in the sky.

On the Yahara between Monona and Upper Mud, we came upon the new brat barge.

There was nothing new at Christy's Landing - the same tasty cheese curds, spicy Bloody Marys, and crisp gin and tonics. On the way back, I grabbed a snap of my compatriots.

What you can't see here are Andy's scars from having been thrown through a plate glass window. He has healed nicely.
|| Palmer, 4:59 AM


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