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09 October, 2006

Happy Polish Heritage Month

October is Polish Heritage Month!

I would recommend celebrating by heading over to Alex Polish American Deli over on Monroe Street and filling your gullet with some Polish food. If you're not the type who cooks, they also have pre-made stuff such as Golabki (cabbage rolls) and Bigos (sauerkraut and meat stew). Plus there's sweets of all kinds. Don't forget to then zip over to your favorite purveyor of spirits for some Polish vodka. There is also a modicum of Polish beer to be found here in town. Woodman's has a small selection featuring brands as Okocim and Lomza. Another place to look is Steve's Liquor.

Madison's libraries are great places to learn about Polish culture and the Polish-American experience. There are now a couple webpages listing relevant materials:

Prior to 1992

Also, there is a display at the Alicia Ashman Branch which features Polish vases and photographs of Poland.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the Polish Heritage Club of Madison.
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