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09 December, 2006

2 More Indian Restaurants Coming

Isthmus is reporting that Madisonians are getting two new restaurants to drown in ghee gluttony:

Downtown Madison cries out for a source of Indian food, and soon it will get one in Maharani Restaurant, scheduled to open the first week of January at 380 W. Washington Ave. That was the site, not long ago, of the Capitol Hill Grill and, not long before that, the Public House.

Maharani is the brainchild of Resham Singh, until recently of India Darbar,6119 Odana Rd. He says he will serve food from both the north and south of India at Maharani, as well as Swagat India Restaurant, which he is simultaneously developing at 707 N. High Point Rd. He hopes to open Swagat on Jan. 20.

“Swagat means ‘welcome’ in Punjabi,” says Singh, a native of the Indian state of Punjab. And maharani? It is Sanskrit for queen.

In addition to the restaurants, Singh operates the Maharani grocery store at 6717 Odana Rd.

Oh, precious vindaloo...
|| Palmer, 8:53 AM


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