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12 April, 2007

Madison To Host an Armed Madhouse

Lefty types Laura Flanders and Greg Palast will be at the Barrymore here in Madison later this month. Click here for more info. Palast is out promoting the updated & expanded version of his last book, Armed Madhouse and he's bringing his friends along. From his latest missive:

The House Judiciary Committee just released two emails, dated February 5 and 7, from inside Karl Rove’s office, in which the Rove-bots gloat that no US media have picked up the investigations of “that British reporter Greg Palast” found in my book Armed Madhouse. I couldn’t make this up.

Moving away from politics we have:

In the heat of the summer, head over to Milwaukee to hear a debate about the merits of pornography with anti-porn crusader Craig Gross and The Hedgehog himself, Ron Jeremy. It's at the Pabst Theatre and there's more info here.
|| Palmer, 9:37 AM


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