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31 May, 2007

Food Blogging in Madison

I am not sure what's on my social calendar this evening but, if I have the time, I'd like to check out the latest MadInteractive event:

MadInteractive 3rd Event Invitation

Madison Interactive, a group for people who work on public websites – both for work and for play – in the Madison area – is hosting its third free event. Whether you’re uploading articles to a local media website or just tending a personal blog, we want you to join us and share your experiences. And to make it all even more interesting, we’ll also be having a brief panel discussion with some local online folks who focus on writing about dining in Madison.

Panel Discussion Details:
MadInteractive Panel No. 3 - Food Blogging in Madison

The High Noon Saloon

Event Time/Date:
5 – 7pm on May 31, 2007

Panel Time:
5:30 to 6pm

(Panelists, please show up at 5:20 at the very latest.)

Topic: Food Blogging in Madison
The discussion will center around the various writers in town covering the food scene.

JM and Nichole of Eating in Madison A to Z


* Christopher Robin from Christopher Robin’s Fresh Foods

* Jonathan Hunter of Underground Food Collective

* Irene Cash of Madison Dining Online, Cuisine Capers

* Monnie Halberg of Nutritilicious

* Linda Falkenstein of thedailypage.com

I am not much of a food blogger but I still think it would be interesting. However, I will mention that my cubeb vinegar has finished steeping which means that I can now try to recreate some Medieval Polish recipes which require it. Stay tuned for notes on how the ham stewed with cucumbers recipe from the 14th century turns out.
|| Palmer, 9:52 AM


Hey, hope to see you at the event!

The medieval cookery sounds interesting... stewed cucumbers, hm?
Blogger nichole, at 11:30 AM  
I will do my darnedest to be there and bask in the glow of your moderating skills! :) If not, I look forward to the video up on YouTube.
Blogger Palmer, at 3:03 PM  

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