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12 June, 2007

Geeky Latin Salutatory Address @ Harvard Graduation

I mean, doing anything in Latin is geeky enough, but to talk about Star Wars in a dead language is ├╝ber-geeky. From Slashdot:

"Harvard University celebrated its 356th Commencement on Thursday. It is tradition at Harvard is to have an undergraduate deliver a Latin Salutatory address. This year's speaker, Charles Joseph McNamara, delivered an address all about Star Wars in Latin!"
|| Palmer, 1:53 PM


Audio version of Charlie McNamara's Latin Salutatory Address for the Harvard 2007 commencement is available for download in mp3 format on the Latinum podcast:

You'll find it in the 'entertainment' section.
Blogger M., at 8:20 PM  
Thanks for the link. I never knew about the podcast and I'm looking forward to checking it out as I had 8 years of Latin in grammar/high school & college.
Blogger Palmer, at 8:36 AM  

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