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20 November, 2007

To the Isthmus Windbag

Yesterday David Blaska wrote:

...any charge of racism must be filed at the nearest court or civil rights adjudicator, such as the state Equal Rights Bureau. Prove it in court or shut up.

About a week ago he wrote:

Crime causes poverty, not the other way around.

Any statement alleging causality must have evidence to back it up. Find some proof or shut up. And by "proof" I mean actual scientific data, not press statements from the Cato Institute.
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15 November, 2007

Eleva-Strum 41, Southwestern 6

The Cards' victory is decisive. Now, I wonder how the Quiz Bowl team is doing this year...
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Go Cards!

My high school alma mater, Eleva-Strum Central, is playing today for the Division 7 championship. It's 19-6 with E-S in front at half. They were killed last year something like 42-0 in the finals but things are looking good today.
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The Knee Bone's Connected to the Leg Bone

The Hollywood writers' strike hasn't had much of an effect on me and my viewing habits. At least not yet. The Dulcinea is all bummed out because The Office is now in re-runs due to it. I'm a LOST fan and the new 16-episode season isn't supposed to start until February. But, depending on how long the strike lasts, this season could be scrapped altogether. Half of the season was scripted and shot and, in case of a prolonged dispute, there's a possibility that the 8 episodes will be tagged onto next season making it a full 24-episode deal. The prospect of having to wait almost another year to get some more material to speculate on and be introduced to another character named after an Enlightenment philosopher is almost too much to bear. I've really been looking forward to the start of the season and am excited that Fisher Stevens and Jeremy Davies have been tapped to play a couple of the freighter people. Plus it looks like we've got a new hatch and some dinosaur bones.

A brief trailer for next season/the mobisodes has been released:

Of greatest interest to me is that it appears that Hurley stumbles upon Jacob's shack which is lit up.

And there's what appears to be bones hanging on the walls. Couple this with the dinosaur bones and the polar bear skull also seen here and you must wonder what that Jacob guy is up to in his charnel house.
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