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11 January, 2010

Students? Eat Healthily?

The Fresh Market has opened up and it's the first grocery store on campus in generations. The Wisconsin State Journal has an article about the occasion. In it, the owner, Jeff Maurer is quoted as saying:

I'm amazed at how well-educated the younger generation is about what they are eating.

In addition, a UW Hospital nutritionist named Donna Weihofen says:

Students are very interested in healthy eating now and they want those kinds of foods.

Really? Really? The same students that make Ian's mac & cheese "pizza" its #1 selling pie?

Young adults may be well-versed in healthy eating and have a collective interest in it but I remain skeptical that they put their knowledge and interests into practice all that often. I'm betting ramen noodles will be a big seller for the Fresh Market.
|| Palmer, 11:20 AM


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