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12 April, 2010

Go ahead and call us insane, but we Midwesterners just love a train (and so does the rest of America)

Check out this Amtrak press release (PDF). Midwestern highlights:

In the Chicago hub, ridership on Lincoln Service (Chicago – St. Louis) showed significant growth with an 18 percent jump in March and 11.6 percent for the six month period. Hiawatha Service (Chicago – Milwaukee) continues to grow with a 14.3 percent increase in March and up 4.8 percent fiscal year to date. Elsewhere in the Midwest, the Missouri River Runner (Kansas City - St. Louis) is up 24.2 percent for March and 15.8 percent for the first half of the Amtrak fiscal year, while the Blue Water (Chicago - Port Huron) increased by 21.7 percent in March and 5.2 percent for fiscal year to date.

Similar ridership increases can be seen throughout the country. Hence Amtrak is on track to break its annual ridership record.
|| Palmer, 3:04 PM


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