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28 November, 2012

Ms. Carey Goes to Washington and Fresh Kottbusser Available Soon

New Glarus' founder and president, Deb Carey, went to Washington recently and met President Obama.

New Glarus Brewing President Deb Carey was one of several small-business owners who met with President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the federal budget's "fiscal cliff."

"I got beer!" Carey told reporters as she left. "I got beer from the White House!"

Kinky Kabin looks to start bottling soon. Their first is going to be Naughty Wheat, an apricot wheat ale which is already on tap in the La Crosse area.

Sprecher is to release an IIPA called Citra Bomb because there just aren't enough IPAs around.

They also has a Pumpkin Spice brown ale available only at the brewery.

Sprecher along with Lakefront, Central Waters, Bull Falls, and South Shore were recently featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an article about their respective wet hopped brews featuring all Wisconsin hops. Sprecher's Hopfuzion sounds just like their Wisconsin Fresh Hop Amber Lager from last fall.

Elsewhere in Wisconsin, Ale Asylum has started bottling again.

Lastly, down in Chicago ex-employees of Goose Island and Two Brothers have banded together to open a new brewery called Off Color Brewing. It sounds incredibly interesting.

So what will Off Color beer taste like? Not much like the barrel-aged Goose products — think Juliet, Madame Rose, Bourbon County Stout and its variants — that Laffler has worked on. The difference is clear as soon as Bleitner explains the types of beer that inspired Off Color: "Very bizarre beer no one has heard of or knows about."

The trick is making such beers accessible, and based on the tastes I had of Off Color's two year-round beers, the early returns are encouraging.

The lighter was in the gose style, called (for now) Ampel Weiss ("ampel" is German word for traffic light). The hazy, golden wheat brew is easy drinking, but it is also refreshing, lightly tart, mildly funky and among the most interesting low-alcohol beers (4.2 percent) imaginable. It should appeal to both seasoned beer drinkers and those looking to move on from, say, Blue Moon.

The other is a kottbusser — a style even rarer than gose — that doesn't have a name yet. It's a brown wheat beer made with honey and molasses that finishes dry, with just a light, gentle sweetness. It's another deft easy drinker.

"We're releasing near-extinct German beers at a craft beer six-pack price," Bleitner said.

Can a Broyhan be far behind?

I look forward to drinking their near-extinct German beers and feel jealous of our neighbors to the south. Nicht nur will they have fresh local gose und kottbusser, sondern auch Metropolitan for non-extinct German styles, Pipeworks' Berliner Weisses, and I'll throw in 5 Rabbit because their cerveza kicks ass.
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