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27 December, 2012

Wisconsin CIO Has a Long Row to Hoe

The state of Wisconsin got a new CIO last month when Gov. Walker appointed David Cagigal as CIO. (He was apparently known as "Diamond Dave" during his tenure at Alliant Energy.) Cagigal has eight "action items". Here's #8:

8. Recruit, Develop and Retain Talent

As the baby boomer generation eventually retires from the workforce, a younger generation will enter, and in turn, will need to understand what the state has learned over the years. Cagigal said that as this happens, it will be crucial to encourage younger workers to enter into government.

I'd love to know how the brain trust at 101 East Wilson plan on recruiting younger (and, hopefully, competent) workers to enter state government when their potential boss at the governor's mansion thinks so poorly of them. "Uncle Scott wants you! Come get paid less than your private sector counterpart and have a boss who thinks you're a 'have' that needs to be taken down a notch or four!"
|| Palmer, 12:30 PM


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