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09 January, 2013

Dane County: Wisconsin's Lynching Capital

I found this map made by the Tuskegee Institute showing lynchings in the United States between the years 1900-1931. Oddly enough, there was one in Dane County.

What a dubious distinction. One lynching in the whole state and it was here in Dane County. (Waukesha County didn't go all conservative until later in the century.) I wonder what the story behind it is. Looks like I shall have to investigate.

UPDATE: According to Michael J. Pfeiffer on page 17 of his book Rough Justice: Lynching and American Society 1847-1947 Dane County was framed. He notes, "The lynching displayed in Dane County, Wisconsin, erroneously represents an incident that occurred in Madison, West Virginia, rather than Madison, Wisconsin." This perhaps refers to Frank Brown, murdered on 4 February 1903.
|| Palmer, 2:14 PM


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