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04 February, 2013

R.I.P. Mildred's Sandwich Shop

I hear that Mildred's Sandwich Shop has been bought and will close only to be reborn as another restaurant. R.I.P.

ADDENDUM: Here's the announcement from their Facebook page.

Hello, dear friends and sandwich lovers. It's with a bittersweetness that we officially let you know that Mildred's has been sold and will be open for the last time on February 15. It has been a truly wonderful, heartful, delicious 35+ years. Thank you so much for staying with us, especially last year after we lost our Nels. Thanks also to Mildred's sandwich artists past and present and to Nels' family and to our neighborhood. Blessings, all.

We'll be open as usual for the next few weeks, so please be sure to get your favorite sandwiches, soups and potato salad while you can. On Feb. 15, we'll have a last hurrah shindig in the afternoon into the evening to celebrate Mildred's (more details to come as we plan this). Meanwhile, feel free to post any Mildred's memories or photos on this page and we'll do the same.

The new owners are really nice and plan to open a restaurant in the building after Mildred's closes. We don't have any other details, but we wish them well.

Again, thank you all from the bottom of our soup bowls.

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