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29 April, 2013

Berghoff Gets a Makeover, &c

The making of Summit Pilsener. I'm not sure if I've had this stuff or not but will have to try it. I've been drinking Schell lately so it looks like I'm in a Minnesota phase.

I see that Leinenkugel will be releasing an "imperial" - 10% ABV - Oktoberfest this year under the Big Eddy imprimatur.

The most interesting Wisconsin beer news I've heard lately is that the Berghoff brand is getting a makeover. It sounds like they're becoming more craft-like and are moving production from Minhas to Point. Apparently batches at Point will be smaller and so allow more flexibility. I never thought of Berghoff as great beer but I usually have it a few times a year at various summer festivals around Madison when the craft selections are Fat Tire and/or Capital's Island Wheat and Supper Club.

Berghoff will launch seven new brews, led by the seasonal Solstice Wit Beer (5.2% ABV), made with Calamansi juice, an Asian citrus fruit, and spices, it is a refreshing summery beer from a long tradition of unfiltered wheat beers. Perfect for warm weather drinking, Solstice Wit joins Berghoff’s other major year-round labels: Straight Up Hefeweizen (5.2% ABV), a Bavarian hefe-weizen, with the creamy goodness of wheat, plus a fruity and spicy nose; Dortwunder Lager (5.5% ABV), a classic and evenly balanced pale lager in the Dortmunder tradition; Reppin’ Red Ale, Malt & Rye (6.2% ABV), a serious red ale that mixes tangy rye and crisp toasted malts with plenty of American hop character; Sir Dunkle Crispy Dark Lager (5.5% ABV), smooth and malty, with a bright crispness, making a drinkable and very satisfying beer. Berghoff will also introduce the first beer in its Überbier Series, Germaniac Extra Pale Ale (6.3% ABV), brewed with honey and molasses, it will be a briskly hopped extra pale ale patterned after the old “outlaw” beer style, Kottbüsser.

While I applaud them for the change in direction, their marketing division ought to be fired. "Sir Dunkle"? What the fuck kind of a name is that? Did someone's 5-year old kid devise that one? The Überbier Series sounds interesting.

Minkoff and his sales team have put together an aggressive marketing plan to introduce Berghoff to new consumers, which will include: street teams; extensive samplings and promotions at targeted bars, restaurants and beer stores; and a smart social media outreach, largely centered in Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; and Madison, WI to start.

Does this mean there will be Berghoff Frauleins in short dirndls at The Malt House offering samples?

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