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01 May, 2013

"Madison is a reality distortion field"

So says Joe the Planner. He was here a couple years ago when the Congress for New Urbanism had their annual soiree and wrote about what he found. His post is a couple of years old but interesting. In it he writes about the Capitol Square as a place of civic and commercial engagement.

So, finally, here is the disclaimer: Madison is a reality distortion field. Yes, the conditions that undergird much of that city's success can't be duplicated in most other places. However, that success wasn't divinely ordained, either. Their reality is simply the cumulative product of the choices and sustained efforts of Madison's leaders and citizens. They've intentionally created a city for people, not cars. This is clearly reflected in the design of their streets and public spaces, which is the focus of this pieceā€”and why Madison was an obvious choice of venue for the CNU.

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