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12 June, 2013

The Newest Member of the Family

Here's the newest member of the family, Piper.

We picked her up on Saturday. She is 10ish weeks old and is the tiniest thing. Her small head sports big ears and her pushers (rear legs) look like those of a rabbit. She'll grow into them eventually.

Our other cat, Grabby, has been perpetually interested since we first let her have a sniff of the cat carrier with Piper inside. The first day was a lot of hissing and growling along with a few swipes. Grabby would find a spot to just sit and watch the kitten run around for a while before letting her know that she was an intruder. Piper was really scared at first but eventually started to ignore the big bully and simply continued to play with her toys and run around.

Things have mellowed out considerably. No more hissing and growling. Grabby still likes to keep Piper in her sights, though. Mainly they chase each other around. The scratching post is a popular spot for their showdowns. Grabby likes to lick Piper and they've even reached d├ętente to the point where they'll share the couch.

Sadly, having Piper around means the morning routine Grabby and I had is over. She no longer plops down on the floor for a belly rub after breakfast. No more sitting on the corner of the dining room table so she can jump on my shoulders to perch. I feel like an empty nester.


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