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29 April, 2004

The Plans They Are A-Changin'

Well, my afternoon proved to be potent. I spent 2.5 hours at the shrink's office getting her computer back to normal. It was infested with spyware and viruses. Plus XP Home was doing its usual rigamarole with the printer. I've seen it before but have no idea why it does what it does. It keeps finding the printer even if it's already installed. You have to turn off the PC, unplug the printer and boot up. Then power down again after plugging it back in. The customer turned out to be really nice but not the hot young psychoanalyst that I'd hoped. I went to her apartment to work on her home PC as she said the door would be open but it was locked so I'll have to go back tomorrow. This irritates me as I was going to go see The Ladykillers with a few of my friends but I've missed that. And it also means that I'll have to pass on my trip to Minneapolis.

Upon returning home, Stevie informed me that we were not able to get the slip we wanted so we've gotta come up with a plan B. On the other hand, I got this year's schedule for American Players Theater. It's a wonderful theater nestled in the woods west of Madison. I've gone on before on how cool the joint is and you've got a link so I won't repeat myself. This year they're doing Shakespeare's Othello, Twelfth Night, and Cymbeline; London Assurance by Dion Boucicault and J.M. Synge's The Playboy of the Western World. I'll probably place a ticket order soon. I am really fired up about Othello as Iago is one of Bill's best characters ever. And I will see at least one of the non-Shakespearean ditties, if not both.

Since I'll be here tomorrow night, I may go to the Socrates Cafe where the topic of discussion will be "The Connections Between Human Beings & the Universe". If that guys who thinks that 2001 is essentially a documentary is there, it oughta be a lively discussion. And there's a non-credit bookbinding course at the university that sounds like it'd be right up my alley so I should register for it tomorrow.

Holy cow!! The High Noon is going to have a free night! No cover and FREE BEER!! And to top it off, Brick Shithouse is gonna be playing. I used to know the guitarist/singer for them. I sometimes wonder what Shad's been up to.

Hey! Lars von Trier's Dogville opens here tomorrow.

I had this weird occurence at Toad Hill this morning. There was a drink card sitting on the register and The Caffeinatrix picked it up to see why it was just sitting there. Then she shows it to me. On the back was scrawled my name and phone number in a messy hand. How blatantly odd. Unfortunately, the writing was that of a male.

Well, I'm gonna go check on my pork chops which slowly cook on the grill...
|| Palmer, 9:21 AM


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