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28 April, 2004


Things here took a turn for the less amusing this morning. I asked Pete if he was going to be around this weekend to game and he said that he wouldn't as he was moving out. Well, I guess on the plus side, things won't be tense around here for much longer. On the other hand, I hate to see this shit go down. But it has to. How can you blame Stevie for wanting to find someone who pays rent on-time and is a clean person? On the other hand, I really hope we can find someone as smart and fun as Pete. All else aside, if you needed someone to watch a Kurosawa flick with or to explain some economic theory, he was your man.

Hopefully this R.L. Burnside show will finish downloading today so I can do some burning. Dogger wants 2 King Crimson gigs. I also sent my list to a friend of his whom I've met a few times that writes for a local music rag. And I also need to reboot as I'm having problems downloading pictures from my camera. I got most of them onto my 'puter but the last half a dozen or so didn't. Winders isn't recognizing the camera now. I've stopped and restarted the camera software to no avail. So I suspect the USB hoolie is the problem.

I woke up the same way as I did yesterday. My poor matress. Except I didn't have to urinate. Reading the journals of a couple of the women up at SG, I have gleaned that they work in the sex industry. One of my favorites is a professional dancer, for instance. I've also seen her at another pr0n website. And so I've begun wondering what it's like for them and what they are like outside of taking their clothes off in front of people and/or cameras. I haven't left any of them notes on their journals - it just seems too cheezy. A lot of people do, though. And most of them are just "Fuck you are hot!" kinda crap. Well, they know they're hot - that's why they're models on the site. I just wonder what they're all like in person.
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