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19 April, 2004

Your Humble Narrator Will Finish Last

I did my good deed for the day tonight. We received a letter in the mail today that was for none of us yet it had our address. So I tracked down the person to whom it was addressed on the Net and the woman came over and picked it up.

The wee hours of this morning were really weird. At some point during the night, I woke about half up in a daze. I must have had a dream of no small prurience because I started rubbing my naughty bits through my boxers. This didn't last and, before long, I was asleep again. Sometime later, I awoke again and, half-conscious, I pulled down my boxers and began to masturbate. Next thing I know, it's about 5:30, the sun is coming up, and my boxers are down at my knees. This isn't the first time something like this has happened and it certainly won't be the last. It's probably a good thing that there's no one sharing my bed as she'd be forced to defend herself from this semi-conscious sex-crazed monster that thinks he has 8 hands. I've gotten at least a couple mini-curtain lectures from girlfriends in years past.

Her: "Do you remember waking up last night about 2?"

Me: "No. Why?"

Her: "Well, you started touching me..."

I guess that my reproductive instinct doesn't keep the same sleep schedule as the rest of me.

I spent nearly 3 hours down at Toad Hill this morning. The Caffeinatrix didn't look too well. Her hound, Billie, is ill. So, between a trip to the vet and worrying, she got only a couple hours of sleep. Poor hound and owner! I read her horoscope to her and we did the crossword puzzle. Honestly, I didn't mean to hang around as long as I did but we had fun shooting the shit and playing a card game called Apples & Something-or-other which was made by a local company called Out of the Box Publishing. The owner is a regular customer at Toad Hill.

After I got home, I felt lost so I just took a nap which involved a couple intense dreams but I can't remember any of them - bummer. This evening, I had a business meeting with my partners. I'll be taking over most of the advertising duties and be responsible for the cell phone. The mail brought some good news. The water utility in Louisiana owes me $3.25 and, according to the lawyer, we'll not have to pay any Federal or state (LA) inheritance taxes. Stevie hounded me for a while about pitching in for that boat that he and Andy wanna buy. They're looking to get a 24' pontoon boat (a.k.a. a party barge) and rent a slip down the road a bit so we won't have to tow it around. That'd be so fucking cool! Just drive a few minutes from home, park the car, and jump into the boat. There are just some things about summer that you can't beat. I keep picturing myself getting up early on a weekday and heading down to the landing. Slowly tacking the windy seas of Lake Monona while sippin' on a pipin' hot cup of organic Fair Trade Voltaire's Passion as some King Crimson is blasting out of the stereo. Nerds and boats - a deadly mix.

Ron gave me the eponymous album by The White Stripes and I have to say that I really like it. I know my new colors aren't too fab but they're brighter. My monitor is dying so the brightness & contrast are for shite.

Before I forget, I want to say thanks to all of you who have given me their condolences and left me notes while I was in limbo down in Louisiana. It was really nice to get them. And a special thanks to the person who sent me a letter and that chocolate - your generosity will not be forgotten! I'd also like to say that I have been reading my regulars. Granted, I haven't been noting a whole helluva lot but I've been lurking. I'll try to catch up soon and be more responsive.

Tomorrow I need to buy a new RAID controller for my computer, mail some stuff, and write a few letters. I sent out 3 resumes today so hopefully I'll hear about an interview soon. Oh! And a lawyer called who needs some PC work done. Shoot! I almost forgot - I've got a meeting with my accountant tomorrow morning too...
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