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12 October, 2006

Black Gold

If you're like me, you love a good cuppa joe. Kenyan AA, Ethiopian...mmm... And you may also be like me in having virtually no idea of how that luscious black elixir ends up in your cup. To learn more, check out the two screenings of Black Gold next week at the Orpheum. The theatre's site doesn't have any info on the screenings just yet but Just Coffee's does:

On Monday October, 16th and Tuesday October, 17th Just Coffee, SERRV International, and Mad-Ftaa will be hosting Tadesse Meskela in Madison. Tadesse is the head of of the OROMIA co-op in Ethiopia and is the main character in the new award-winning documentary "Black Gold", a movie about the coffee crisis and the promise of fair trade.

Tadesse will be speaking at two showings of the movie at the Orpheum Theatre on the dates above. Please stay tuned for more info on show times and events where you can hook up with Tadesse.
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