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09 October, 2006

Even More Interviews With Godless Heathens

With recent screeds against religion and its place in the public sphere, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have made many media appearances as of late. I've posted some lately and here's some more.

Dawkins on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Both Dawkins and Harris have been on Freethought Radio which is made right here in Madison by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It can be heard on TheMic92.1 on Saturday mornings. The show is also podcasted and you can download past episodes here.

Harris was also interviewed for Point of Inquiry, which is the podcast of The Center of Inquiry. Click here for Harris' appearance.

While Dawkins and Harris along with Daniel Bennett may get the bulk of the publicity, all of the organizations and podcasts mentioned here are wonderful resources for freethinkers, skeptics, and godless heathens. Do check them out. And don't forget the brand new Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. Lots of great resources there.
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