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17 October, 2006

New Gig

My fate has become much clearer today. I had lunch with a client's manager today. They were looking for a contractor and the guy wanted to have lunch to meet me and see if I would fit in their environment. We ate out at Quivey's Grove which was neat because I've never had a meal there. I think I've been to one of their beer festivals but I've never gone there to just take a meal. The food was tasty and the guy was really nice and had a good sense of humor. He is Polish so I've got some conversation material for next time. There will be a next time because after only 2 hours, they decided to have me.

The conversation was interesting in that the manager talked about forthcoming projects which included new smart phones, a new SAN, and new teleconferencing equipment. There's a remote chance that I'll be sent to Edinburgh, Scotland to help install the teleconferencing stuff. That would be a hoot! I go over to their office on Thursday for the grand tour and then start work on Monday as I've got Friday off in anticipation of a weekend camping trip.

I feel relieved that this is now in the can. It was difficult enough to leave my placement of 2 years but to be consigned to limbo made it much worse. As a bonus, the shop will be small - 200 or so users and maybe 4 IT folks. It looks to be a good chance to acquire some new skills and be introduced to some unfamiliar technology. It's just so nice to see some stability in my employment situation. The uncertainty tends to nag at the back of my mind and cause unease which makes it more difficult for me to concentrate on other things.

The only downside I can see, at the moment, is that the joint is located on the far west side so I'll be cloistered by malls, chain restaurants, and subdivisions.
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