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13 October, 2006

'Reaching point of absurdity'

Here's a neat little article raking on folks like me - people who enjoy LOST and who obsess over the show's mythology and mysteries.

They're in such a frantic rush to freeze their DVRs to detect some squiggly little etchings on a hatch wall, or so busy formulating equations with Hurley's bad-luck lottery numbers, that they're failing to savor things like the subtle nuances actor Michael Emerson brings to his role of creepy Henry Gale, or to appreciate the psychological peaks and valleys poor Locke (Terry Quinn) has traversed.

While I realize that there definitely are lots of fans that obsess too much, whine too much about not having everything handed to them on a platter, etc. But I will admit that the mystery of the island and The Others is more alluring for me than learning about Locke's travails. Granted, finding out how Locke ended up in a wheelchair is something that I look forward to, but finding out how and why he was healed by the island (persumably) is more interesting. Perhaps if the island had less enigmas, I could focus more on the characters. But with a mystery behind every tree, it's difficult not to get sucked into postulating about the island.
|| Palmer, 5:47 PM


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