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16 October, 2006


I took the afternoon off. Sitting around waiting and not doing squat reached its terminal point of pointlessness so I took off for lunch and came home. An e-mail to my boss, who has been AWOL all morning, and I am alone for a while. My time at the office wasn't totally wasted, however. I did get to talk with Otto. I am to take his spot at a client's site so he gave me the lay of the land and told me what to expect. He also made point of telling me about this weekend's Ring Game with a heavy dose of strategy for the evil ones. He is going to be playing a Nazghul this time 'round. In addition, Bulimia was in the office so I got a chance to catch up on things with him. And Pete was there. He's a good egg who loves music as I do so we always have something fun to talk about. As I was returning to my seat with a fresh cuppa joe, I heard a voice call my name. Turning around, I was greeted with the sight of Miss Heidi, someone I hadn't seen in 3+ years. She and I were co-workers and, last I'd heard, she was living in San Diego. Asking her about this, she explained that she moved back and was pursuing an MBA. I was really happy for her as she had been let go from our former employer by a manager of dubious repute. It was heartening to see that she'd landed on her feet.

Considering I was feeling rather sad at having left DHFS, this morning turned out pretty well.
|| Palmer, 3:09 PM


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