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29 December, 2006

The History of Role-Playing Games

Dungeons & Dragons was created by Cheeseheads back in the 1970s and thusly were role-playing games born. You can learn all about the genesis of this obsession of dorks everywhere in March at a lecture to be held at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Role-Playing Games
Lory Aitken of Pegasus Games will discuss how the role-playing gaming genre got its start in Wisconsin in the 1970s with the creation of Dungeons & Dragons, then will lead the audience in a role-playing scenario.

Date: 3/24/2007
Event Times: 1-3:30pm

My friend Don in Chicago is threatening to come up for the event and has expressed his desire to play a half-elf. So come join us for a little history and lots of spring bock afterwards.
|| Palmer, 5:42 PM


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