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08 July, 2007

Books, Cherries, and Booze

Weekends just go too swiftly. However, I was moderately productive the past couple days. I got a long overdue haircut at which my barber gave me his obligatory five minute speech about how I just have to start watching Farscape. I have immense respect for all the barber shops downtown and their great histories but my barber is a sci-fi geek who also happens to enjoy redneck comedy. Hence I was treated to a couple episodes of Trailer Park Boys while sitting in the chair. Afterwards I frequented a local independent bookseller as I was moved by some recent posts by Hastings up at POST which chronicle the decline of the independent bookstore here in Madison. Do check them out:

"Avol's owner: 'Does Madison still want small, locally owned bookstores...?'"

"Bookworks owner on his relationship with, well, books. And why he'll eventually leave Madison."

"Star Books to close"

Amongst the books I purchased was an apple cookbook. Granted it's ridiculously hot now, but it will be autumn eventually and I want to be prepared after my expected trip to an orchard. And in preparation for the winter, I brandied some cherries.

I put up a couple of the jars with kirschwasser and the other three with bourbon. When there's snow on the ground, my ice cream will have a touch of summer. And give me a buzz.
|| Palmer, 7:18 PM


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