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03 July, 2007

Geek.Kon Update - 3 July 07

Some more updates on Geek.Kon. Registration is open for the following events:

Collectible Card Games, i.e. - Magic: The Gathering

Live Action Role Playing which will be Mage: the Ascension with the following scenario:

When Taftani mages can no longer practice their art, when their minds begins to fail, or when they know they are corrupted by some insidious force they are expected to find a public place and attempt the largest ritual they can think of. The paradox backlash of the ritual is supposed to kill them.

Enter You

The Technocracy is attempting to complete some sort of ritual to lock a large portion of the Midwest into their paradigm making the tradition's magic almost lethal to perform. You being infirm, crazy, or tending towards evil have decided this will be your place and time and you will stop the shifting of the consensus here, in Wisconsin of all places...

Role Playing Games including:
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Blood of Heroes
Modern Fantasy
Dungeons and Dragons

Video Games including:
Soul Caliber 3
Guilty Gear
Mortal Kombat
Lego Star Wars 2
Golden Eye
Perfect Dark

Things are certainly coming along although there's a few months left to go and plenty to do. I feel like a maroon because I am unfamiliar with a lot of this stuff. I've never been a CCG person nor ever been involved in a LARP. And I think I've heard of a couple of those video games. Geekdom has passed me by, apparently. Oh, well. If all else fails, I'll lasso my friends with my Doctor Who scarf, drag them into an empty room, and start a game of Settlers or perhaps drive them insane with a Call of Cthulhu adventure.
|| Palmer, 9:19 AM


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