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03 July, 2007

Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In the Yard And Grooving With A Pict

Sunday was a very beautiful day. I got up earlyish as The Dulcinea still lay in the arms of Morpheus and got breakfast prepped. The bacon was sliced and buckwheat pancake batter was made. Stepping out onto the deck for a breath of fresh air, I could hear birds of all sorts flying around and chirping away. Sure, the din of Highway 30 lingered in the background but the scene still had that bucolic thing going for it. And so I decided to check out the birds.

This is a very poor picture of what must be a Mourning Dove that is perched atop our roof.

Walking down towards the pond, I spied another crouched in the bushes.

I found the pond with its usual armada of ducks.

Wandering along the shore, a bluejay and I got into a staring match.

Then there was this little thing up on a branch. Doesn't look like a Mourning Dove. Any idea what it is?

As evening descended, I was once again compelled to grab the camera as creatures were out in full force.

For starters, there was a bunny wabbit out nibbling at some flowers who was flanked by yet more Mourning Doves.

And then a fellow hasenpfeffer appeared in the lawn next door.

Then it was When Birds Attack! when a cardinal and one of the MDs had a go at each other while the wabbit looked on in amusement. At least that's how it looked to this anthropomorphizing observer.

I haven't seen any woodchucks around the yard in a while. Nor any cats. And that family of raccoons seems to have moved onto greener pastures. They used to come up on the deck and stare in through the patio doors all the time at night. Could give you quite a fright if you were watching a horror movie only to turn round and see one of them staring at you.
|| Palmer, 8:20 AM


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