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27 May, 2008

New Microbrews and Eats

Both Isthmus and the Madison Beer Review have noted that local homebrewer Joe Walts is looking to open a brewpub that would go by the name RePublic. Walts has a blog where you can keep up with his progress and learn the ins and outs of starting a small business.

But there's other local brewing news afoot. I spent a wee bit of time at Bekee's party on Saturday night. Only a wee bit because a burrito I'd eaten earlier absolutely killed my stomach. I felt like Mr. Creosote and, had I eaten anything else no matter how wafer thin, I would have exploded. During my time there I chatted with my buddy Marv who is giddy with excitement at the impending release of Dungeons & Dragons V4 as well as another homebrewer ready to test the waters.

He approached me asking if I was the guy that wrote the blog. Since he was bigger than me, I denied everything. But The Dulcinea wouldn't let me escape. His name was Page (methinks it was – I was ill at the time so correct me if my memory is failing me here) and he said that, not only was he a Fearful Symmetries reader, but also that he was a homebrewer and was looking to startup a small business. Now, I hope what he told me wasn't proprietary info. After all, he was telling this to a blogger. (If I've erred, I'll no doubt hear about it as I'm sure we'll meet at the Malt House.) Page has designs on being the microest of microbrewers: he is soliciting interest from various local establishments in having him brew their house beer(s). Best of luck to him.

On a related note, I see that Sala Thai over on Fair Oaks has opened. Also, there's a new African restaurant on the horizon on Atwood. Methinks it's called Africana. I look forward to eating at both.
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