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13 October, 2008

From a Vile Radical

Salon has an article today about Elizabeth Dole's struggle to keep her Senate seat in North Carolina. The piece notes that Dole is running a rather lackluster campaign against Democratic challenger Kay Hagan and explored the issue of race as well as how the race is part of the larger issue of the unpopularity of Republicans right now.

However, I was surprised that the author neglected Dole's smear campaign and her gleeful hatchet job on my fellow godless heathens.

A fellow heathen blogger named Robert Eldredge has scanned in some of the Dole campaign literature that he received.

Hagan met with some folks from the Godless Americans PAC and Dole jumps on this saying Hagan was "the guest of honor at a fundraiser hosted by the most vile, radical liberals in America". The implication being that godless people generally are vile because they don't believe in Yahweh, the sea monster fighting deity.

May a pox fall upon the house of Dole.
|| Palmer, 2:31 PM


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