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27 January, 2010

Best Acceptance Speech. Ever.

The A.V. Club is right - this is the best awards show speech ever. This is what happens when you live in Sweden and don't get enough sunlight.

UPDATE: This is apparently a send-up of Lady Gaga.
|| Palmer, 10:44 AM


Thanks! This is good. Poor Lefsetz doesn't realize he's just thinking what he's supposed to think about GaGa. As are we all.
Blogger nichole, at 2:59 PM  
Both you and he have got me. I know basically nothing about Lady Gaga so I'll take your word on this. :)
Blogger Palmer, at 3:10 PM  
Heehee, thanks. I've talked more than a few ears off, but I'll just leave this morsel:


The song is called "Murder My Heart."
Blogger nichole, at 3:36 PM  
Well, when you invite us for pizza again, you can tell me all about her. :)
Blogger Palmer, at 3:52 PM  

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