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02 March, 2010

New Taco Joint Downtown

A new Mexican restaurant is going to open in the old art supply store on the 600 block of University Avenue. Linda Falkenstein reported this today. From what I've heard, it is to be called The Taco Shop and is in the blatantly odd position of being the first outpost in the States for the chain which only has franchises in Europe. (Amsterdam is one outlet, I believe.) Yes, a European taco joint is finally opening a storefront within 1500 miles of Mexico.

Back in December, they had hoped to open this month but it's been slow going. As of a couple weeks ago, not all necessary permits had yet been obtained. Also planned is a grand opening bash.

Stay tuned.
|| Palmer, 5:41 PM


masco's gone? that stinks...

we need good mexican on the near-east side! see if you can get them to come over by us.
Blogger bekee, at 8:41 AM  
I think they're looking to catch the drunk crowd but I'm not sure.

Well, Antojitos el Toril and Pan Y Pan are just a short bike ride away. :)
Blogger Palmer, at 8:44 AM  
john moved to university book store on state street. he does framing out of there, on the 2nd floor.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:58 PM  
Thanks for the update.
Blogger Palmer, at 6:58 AM  
The open April 7th, check them out
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 PM  
what ever u says. that place make the best Mexican food in Madison... I have eat in many rest, here in Madison but no one makes chimichangas and smother burritos like thetacoshop5 . try chili Verde. the fresh veggies every day.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 AM  
Anon - I've not eaten there but I know a couple people who have. They said it was a mixed bag.
Blogger Palmer, at 5:10 AM  

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