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11 March, 2010

Patrick Kennedy Rips Into National Press Corps

Rep. Patrick Kennedy lays into the press for not covering our venture in Afghanistan and instead saturating the news with sex scandals.

While the press certainly have a large share of blame here, even more must go to us. I don't think that most people care. Unless someone has a friend or relative over there, Americans have better things to worry about. Right? It's not like there isn't a whole TV channel devoted to broadcasting what happens in Congress. There isn't a hunger for watching Congressional debates about the war in Afghanistan. If there was, C-SPAN's ratings would be through the roof.

While there certainly are a lot of people in this country who have pressing matters such as keeping a roof over their head to keep them occupied, the great middle class in this country whose biggest decision is iPhone or Droid doesn't want to think about what's happening in Afghanistan.
|| Palmer, 3:56 PM


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