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14 May, 2010

Madison Sinny News

Earlier this month Rob Thomas of 77 Square reported that the Orpheum is going to be showing first-run arthouse flicks this summer. I saw Police, Adjective at the Romanian Film Festival this year and Terribly Happy at the Wisconsin Film Festival so, although not everything will be new to me, it is still great to see more foreign/independent cinema coming to Madison.

Speaking of which, I just found out that the Australian noir The Square will be coming to Sundance on 25 June. I'd heard about the film and was keen on seeing it so this is good news. Also, I emailed director Zach LeBeau and he told me that he is working on getting his metaphysical sci-fi flick The Scientist to Madison. Let us hope he succeeds.

And can someone bring what sounds to be a total perv-fest - The Human Centipede to town?

Lastly, we have a trailer for the latest desecration of a Philip K. Dick story on the big screen - The Adjustment Bureau. Where is Nic Cage and his awful hairpieces when you need him?

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