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03 June, 2010

Farewell Bavarian Lager

While I'm on the topic of beer, I want to give a farewell to Capital's Bavarian Lager which has been put on hiatus. Apparently it just isn't selling enough. This is too bad as it's one of my favorite Capital brews and I don't understand why Supper Club is flying off shelves while a superior product goes the way of the dodo. Oh well. I bought a sixer at Steve's on Junction Road over the weekend. They had only three left.

Still, if Supper Club is going to bring in the cash, more power to 'em. It is admittedly nice to see a beer that isn't a pale ale do well. I suspect that the reason it's selling as it is is that A) it's an inoffensive beer and B) it has a retro Wisconsin name and label. I've heard that Bavarian Lager suffered because beer novices thought that it was a dark/heavy beer because they equate German bier with those styles. Mayhaps it'll return someday with a name that won't cause those unfamiliar with the style to turn and run away.

In other Capital news, Kloster Weizen is back but nur in das bier garten. Also resurrected is the Weizen Doppelbock. It shall be on shelves anon, if not already, in 4-packs as the latest incarnation of the limited edition Capital Square series.

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