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24 July, 2011

Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale

While down in Alabama last month, I figured I'd check out the regional brews. A trip to a grocery store and I had some selections for The Dulcinea's father to bring back with him. (He drove and we flew.) One was from Mississippi's Lazy Magnolia brewery – their Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale. It is probably the only beer in the world brewed with pecans.

It pours a deep reddish brown with a pretty small head which dissipated quickly. Taking a whiff, I found it to be sweetly scented with caramel and just a trace of the hops. Quaffing a little I found that it had a medium body and that Southern Pecan tastes pretty much like you'd expect a brown ale to taste. The malt sweetness dominated with very prominent caramel flavor. But here you get a bit of pecan nuttiness as well and it makes for the perfect complement to the malt. Once it makes its way down your tongue, you get a mild hop bitterness. The hops are German so they're more grassy instead of C-hop fruity. I really liked how you get that initial blast of sweetness & nuttiness but still end up with a nice clean finish courtesy of the hops.

Lazy Magnolia gets a lot of credit in my book for not only brewing a very tasty beer but one that has a distinct regional stamp. LM also brews a sweet potato cream stout but I didn't see it on the cooler shelves much to my chagrin.

Junk food pairing: I drank this after a meal so no junk food was involved but I'd bet a dollar to doughnuts that it'd go well with boiled peanuts.
|| Palmer, 2:55 PM


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