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22 April, 2012

New Restaurants and a Plea for Help

Potential good news for my friend Joe, an east side denizen, who was all bummed out when he heard that Antojitos el Toril had closed. A new Mexican restaurant is opening in the former space of Poppa Coronofoulos on Buckeye Road. It's the third location of Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant, the other two being in Verona and Waunakee.

I've never eaten at either of the Cuco's and apparently neither have Nichole & JM of Eating in Madison A to Z so I am not sure what to make of this development.

Like Antojitos el Toril, Lee's Asian Bistro on Monona Drive has gone the way of the dodo. But it's being replaced by a Vietnamese noodle shop called Kim Noodle.

Slightly closer to my home, there are also new restaurants opening on Willy Street as noted by Madison Magazine. Take Five is Greek, A Pig in a Fur Coat looks to be a porcine-centric fusion type of place, and the Underground Food folks are, last I heard, looking at opening a new venture on the 800 block of Willy.

Unfortunately for Linda Falkenstein, there seem to be no Bolivian restaurants on the horizon nor any Polish ones for me.

While I'm on the topic of food, does anyone know where to buy a wall-mounted spice rack in Madison? My cupboard is a disaster and the German in me requires order. Plus, since I never seem to find what I'm looking for and end up buying new jars, I have enough dill to last two lifetimes. Neither Target nor Shopko had them. I called The Kitchen Gallery and they didn't either. Perusing the websites of Orange Tree Imports, Pier 1, and Williams-Sonoma yielded nothing. Am I the only person lacking counter space? While I could just order one from Amazon, I'd rather see it beforehand up close and personal. I haven't been to West Towne or East Towne in years so I'm not sure what stores are there that may have them.

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