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03 December, 2012

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell To Be Adapted for Television

Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is being adapted for TV.

BBC One has announced it's to make a six-part adaptation of the magnificent Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, directed by Doctor Who & Sherlock alumni Toby Haynes.

Rumoured as a film adaptation for years, the sheer scale of the novel and number of effects needed may be somewhat daunting, but Toby Haynes has a strong track record at succeeding with ambitious material, having been responsible for Doctor Who's The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang two-parter, and the Sherlock series two finale The Reichenbach Fall. Adapting Clarke's book will be writer Peter Harness, who penned the third series of Wallander.

I shall have to read the book next year.

Now, where is that TV adaptation of The Man in the High Castle?
|| Palmer, 1:50 PM


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