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11 January, 2013

Christian Homophobe Douchebag Busted for Making Child Porn

Lisa Biron is a homophobic Christian lawyer who did pro bono work for the Alliance Defense Fund, a group that Right Wing Watch says wants to expose the "homosexual agenda", amongst other stupidities. Well, her agenda was recently exposed and now she's going to jail for producing child pornography.

A Manchester lawyer has been found guilty of exploiting a 14-year-old girl to produce child pornography, The Associated Press reported. Lisa Biron, 43, was accused of videotaping the girl having sex with two men. Biron faced eight federal indictments on charges of child sexual exploitation, transporting a child across state lines to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography, and was convicted on all of them after the jury deliberated for less than an hour.

But wait! It gets worse. The AP reports that the girl in question is Biron's own daughter.

As jurors watched recordings of various sexual encounters, the defendant averted her eyes from the laptop screen in front of her and dropped her head into one hand.

The final video, prosecutors said, depicted the defendant having oral sex with her daughter.

At least someone had a conscience in all of this:

Brandon Ore, of Lebanon, testified he met the mother and daughter after responding to a personals ad placed by “two girls, 18 and 33, looking to party.” He ultimately moved in with them in July 2012, and said it was weeks later that he learned they were mother and daughter, and that the girl was 14.

He moved out two months later and turned himself in to police, triggering the lawyer’s arrest.

I can't imagine the cognitive dissonance in this woman's head from, on one hand working against equal rights for the LGBT community and then turning around and having sex with her own daughter. And she's a Christian to boot. So much for that moral compass that religion is supposed to provide.
|| Palmer, 10:34 AM


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