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23 May, 2013

New Glarus Turns 20 and Auf Wiedersehen Joe

Has it really been almost 20 years since I started drinking New Glarus? I recall buying a six-pack of Edel Pils as soon as it was available in Madison.

Robin Shepard has a lengthy piece on New Glarus Brewing. He reviews the brewery's history and notes the release of its 20th Anniversary Ale, a take on the Belgian Dubbel.

New Glarus 20th Anniversary Ale is a robust and flavorful beer made with a combination of American, English and Belgian malts; American and German Hops; and a touch of Belgian candi sugar. Single 20-ounce bottles go for around $9 each. "This is a strong beer, one you'll want to share," adds Dan. It's also a beer that's best served warmer than refrigerator temperatures to bring out its rich sweet plumb and chocolate-y flavors.

Some new labels from Leinenkugel:

The Big Eddy Über Oktoberfest will be a hefty 8.5% ABV and also dry-hopped. Release date is late August. The Big Eddy Ryewine (photo grabbed from this page) sounds very tasty as I love rye. It will be 10% ABV. I am hoping that it is being released next month so that it can age in the cellar and that Leinenkugel isn't actually expecting anyone to drink this stuff during the summer. Lastly, that Bernie's Barrelman Ale is a new beer to be available only at Miller Park. Sounds like a pale ale. Hopheads will be happy to hear that it has Cascade hops in it.

Kirby has brewed an American IPA.

It's available at all four Madison-area Great Dane locations. The Wisconsin Brewing Company is looking for comments on it and, if I ever get around to trying it, I will be happy to give commentary.

Scott Manning of Vintage Brewing was on TV recently sporting his fancy brewing overalls and hogging the camera as his assistant toiled in the background. He brewed his Rhine Heights Kölsch earlier this week and I am looking forward to it.

Lastly, a fond farewell to Joe Walts who is leaving Ale Asylum – indeed, leaving Wisconsin – to become brewmaster at Narrows Brewing in Tacoma, Washington. I am purposely keeping the DVDs he lent me so I have an excuse to go west and barge into the brewhouse once it's up and running. No one has ever taught me more about water softness than Joe. Best of luck to him and his family. Now who will I homebrew a dunkles with?


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