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16 May, 2013

Willkommen in Madison Sushi Express

I see that Sushi Express has opened where Big Red's used to be on the 600 block of University Avenue. They even deliver.

As I walked by I thought about how prevalent sushi is. At what point does does a non-American "ethnic" food become American? At some point hot dogs, being of Germanic origin, became standard American fare. I stopped at a Freiderick's Family Restaurant in Fennimore earlier this week and there was an all you can eat taco bar. Tacos are American now too.

I suspect that sushi has some time yet before it becomes as American as hot dogs and tacos but it's getting there. It is no longer considered to be some exotic Japanese dish. Grocery stores sell sushi and I suspect it won't be long before PDQ and 7-Eleven start doing so if they haven't already.

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|| Palmer, 3:15 PM


Interesting. I think the Cenex/Chin-Mi on Verona Road is still open, but I don't know if they still serve sushi.

It's worth the drive anyway, since Jordandal Cookhouse is right there.

Enjoying your food posts. You have a knack for news - Tip Top, JB's, Mildred's - heard it all here first.
Blogger nichole, at 12:32 PM  
Never been to the Jordandal Cookhouse. I may have to investigate.

Alas, I have no food news. I did go to Mazatlan in Fond du Lac recently and it was pretty tasty.
Blogger Palmer, at 11:06 AM  

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