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04 August, 2015

Back to the Garden 2015 Edition

The garden is doing well this year.

We've got squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and chilies. The kale was massacred by rabbits. R.I.P. The chili plants remain small with only a modicum of fruit. I blame the relatively cool weather. On the other hand, we've been harvesting toms, zukes, and squash for a while now. The plants have been extremely fecund. So much that we now have enough ratatouille to feed an army yet the produce still comes.

There must be 4 or more varieties of tomatoes out there. I never knew there was a species of tomatoes named after Paul Robeson. Must be commie tomatoes. We also have Old German, Genuwine, and others.

And here's a cat in a window.

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